CBbC Cala Bassa

Cala Bassa

Jewel of the Mediterranean Gastronomy

Enjoy the essence from Ibiza all year round at CBbC Cala Bassa

5 different cuisines in one beach. Restaurant CBbC, our gastronomic restaurant. Chiringo CBbC, local and Mediterranean cuisine. Gourmet Corner, surprise your palate. Sushi CBbC, amazing combinations. Snack CBbC, easy and quick.

Restaurant CBbC

In a quite atmosphere illuminated by small lanterns and protected by a wooden horse, CBbC Cala Bassa offers an elaborated menú mixed with amazing views. Our experienced team of chefs are passionate about their cuisines and they are experts on developing new splendid recipes fused with quality local products.

Find at CBbC Restaurant an extensive variety of starters, salads, meats, fish, rices and desserts.

Chiringo CBbC

OPEN 2018 – Would you like a classic Mediterranean cuisine? Find it at Chiringo CBbC, the first restaurant at the beach you discover once you arrive to the beach, very closed to entrance. At Chiringo you can enjoy this cuisine in the shades of the junipers, with rear views into the forest and with front views to the crystal clear waters and the light coloured sand. On the horizon, the Cap Nonó rises magnificently, giving you the best atmosphere you could want for your meal. Savour the local recipes, such as rice with lobster, paella, the traditional “Bullit de Peix” or choose a tasting menu which you will also enjoy in your hammock, which is found under the shade of the trees or in the sand at the shoreline. Our experienced team of chefs is striving for the best products from the island, achieving an unmatched quality.

Sushi CBbC

Our experienced sushi chefs have been preparing sushi for more than 25 years. Many of our customers recommend CCBbC Cala Bassa as one of the best sushi on the island of Ibiza. They come specifically to ask for our Dragon, Ichigoland, the famous spicy Sushi (a tempting combination of tempura, salmon, prawns, roe and surimi), our hot sushi etc. You can enjoy our sushi in the CBbC Restaurant, at the Coronita Lounge and Taittinger Lounge, or order it directly to our CBBC Beach Boy to enjoy it from your hammock.

Barra Gourmet

Under the philosophy of sustainability CBbC Cala Bassa make a research of unprocessed materials from small producers from the coutryside defending in this way the our national brand. By the hand of Charo Val chef we select and supervise during Winter every product you will fin don the Gourmet menú. We visit personaly the caviar production, among others, making sure the highest standars.

With the Barra Gourmet you can taste the famous France Speciale nº2, mixed with champagne, parmesan cheese or delicious sauces.

Enjoy also the Per Sé Caviar, Iranian traditional method, organic, from sturgeon breeded in meltwaters coming from the Pyrenees mountains.

Try other type of dishes at Gourmet Corner as Other delicious gourmet dishes, will also be available to you:
Casa Santoña anchovies, Cantabrian sardines smoked in cold oak woods, North Atlantic seaweed bread from Galicia Porto Muiños, and Glass peasant bread with tomato to compliment a surprisingly pure Iberian ham.

However, if fish is your thing, do not hesitate to try our smoked Nacarii Sturgeon with Juniper and Wakame or our smoked Pyrenees trout with their eggs and truffle butter from Soria.

Snack CBbC

If you are the type of person who goes to the beach and feel like eating a sandwich, pizza, a burger or a hot dog, at CBbC Cala Bassa you will be able to do so under the pleasant shade of pine and palm trees, or on the sunny terrace of CBbC snack. CBbC Snack has a great quality menu  and affordable prices. It is located at the end furthest from the bay, near the ferry dock in St. Antonio. It has panoramic views of all Cala Bassa. If on the contrary you prefer Ibizan cuisine you can go to CBbC Chiringo and if, on the other hand, you would like mixed cuisine, do not hesitate to go to our CBbC Restaurant.

Your best day in Ibiza

When gastronomy meets the sea

CBbC Cala Bassa will astonish you, not only for having one of the most spectacular beaches in Ibiza with golden sand and crystalline water but also for its large and outstanding gastronomic offer